Monuments and Power. Catalogue of the outdoorexhibition of Soviet monuments collected by Estonian History Museum


Autorid: Marek Tamm, Jaak Valge, Rita Valge. Toimetaja: Toomas Hiio, Koostaja: Inge Laurik-Teder, Kujundus: Marje Eelma. Pehmekaaneline, 190 lk, inglise keeles. Mõõdud: 21 x 14,2 cm. Eesti Ajaloomuuseum 2020



The catalogue of the Estonian History Museum outdoor exhibition Monuments and Power covers the story of the few dozen Soviet monumental sculptures displayed in the Maarjamäe Palace park. The exhibition is made up of sculptures that have been removed from their previous locations, mostly after 1991, when Estonia regained its independence. The catalogue, just like the exhibition, draws on the fate of the people for whom the sculptures were erected. There are four larger groups: Soviet Union leaders Lenin and Stalin, heroes of World War II, people executed by their own side during Soviet repressions, and people killed by the enemy.

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