Pulli koera päevik


Text: Leelo Tungal. Design: Kaia Rähn. Illustrations: Reet Rea-Smyth. Hardcover, 47 pages, in Estonian. Dimensions: 20.7 x 26.5 cm. Publisher: SA Eesti Ajaloomuuseum 2021.

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The book “Bull Dog Diaries” was published in the exhibition of the Estonian History Museum “Koopast kaissu. The Story of a Dog and a Man ”. You’ve probably heard the phrase “The book is man’s best friend.” However, it is sometimes said that a person’s best friend is a dog. Who can guess which statement is more correct? In fact, books don’t interfere with friends, and there’s nothing against dogs. There are a huge number of books in the world and not even a few dogs – it is estimated that there are as many as 525 million of them! In this book, Polla talks about herself and her friends, who seem to be a common pen, but the history of her family goes back thousands of years. Good friend, he greets you with a friendly tail flutter!

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